5 Ways to Sexy Up Your Powder Room

I love hosting guests! When it comes to hosting one room I always make ready is my powder room. If there’s one space to really get creative with it’s your powder room. I always encourage clients to do something dramatic or a little out of their comfort zone - to be a little daring. Being bold in a small space is completely allowed. Here are 5 ways to really make your powder bath look sexy.

1.PAINT IT DARK. Dark always makes a wow factor! Dramatic paint usually steals the room when it comes to powder baths. Even small spaces can really say a lot with a bold or dark paint option. Don’t be afraid to go bold like black. Darker colors always pull off well in a powder room, there’s just something permissible about it.

2. WRAP THE WALLS. There are always so many options you can’t go wrong when it comes to wallpapers. If paint is meh for you, try going even more bold with some sexy wallpaper or better yet do both paint and paper by incorporating a statement wall of paper. Lines like Thibaut and York really bring the game with a plethora of choices from animal prints to textured grasscloths and more. There seriously isn’t a pattern you can’t find when it comes to wallpaper and if you’re itching for some right away - we’ve got you. Check out our in-store options any time.

3. LIGHT IT UP. Adding a statement light fixture is a major win when it comes to your powder room. Your light can be as dramatic as a chandelier or as simple and sexy as this bar dual glow bar light. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement - cause this sexy light makes a ton of statement and it’s under a $100!

4. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL. You’ve got have a mirror, but make it a unique one! Mirrors are a great way to bring a focal point that says “hello, look at you…”. Tall or uniquely styled mirrors can really help your guest linger a bit.


5. TURN ON THE HOT. Give your guests some eye candy with a unique faucet. There are so many styles now to chose from, but try a more upscale or detailed faucet in your powder room. This room really can stand on its own. Now this faucet is unique and not your typical builder faucet and it’s even under $150!

It doesn’t take a lot of dollars to bring your powder room game to the next level. Get inspired, and push yourself just a bit out of your comfort zone. Do a little something new in your powder room and turn your drab powder room into something super sexy!

Your friend + designer,